Monday, March 23, 2009

Is Twitter making you stand out?

I’ve been avidly watching Mad Men of late and been transfixed more by the business related scenes than the other storylines (I’m really not bothered by who is sleeping with who, who had a baby or the incompetence of Betty Draper as a mother!).

This weekend Don Draper said something that really hit home with me, and I quote:

“The success of our clients is based on how we make them stand out from the crowd, not conforming to what everyone else is doing.”

When I heard this, I immediately thought of social media and how ‘experts’ are all advising their clients to get on Twitter, develop an online game, use social media press releases etc etc. Twitter is the current the fad, much like MySpace and Facebook before it. But what is the next great application we should be looking at to make our clients stand out?

Digital/Social media is moving so quickly and in such unexpected directions that once you become familiar and jump on the current bandwagon, you worry that the next one is going to jump out and change the landscape again. How do we continuously make clients (or ourselves) stand out from the crowd?

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Big Higg said...

Hey Jeelim,

Great question you've raised. I think the basic idea of being outstanding is described very well in Ceth
Godin's "Purple Cow"

Beside Twitte etc. I think the victoreous will be the one who provides added value to his users. Social media like Twitter etc are tools to promote but the web presence itself is of much more interest.

However, one question remains: What comes next and how do we PR specialist react?

Olaf (