Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rise of Asia and the Internet

Thanks to Next Fifty Years blog for bringing to attention this video presented by Richard Sanders, President of Sony BMG International on May 4, 2008 to for Sony BMG's annual Global Management Meeting.

I particularly like the fact that it is much less US centric than many other similar videos I have seen - it focuses much more on the rise of Asia and elludes to its impact. For too long we have had to rely on US centric statistics and look embarrassed when clients ask about the region in which we work and then claiming that there currently are not any statistics for this region.

I hope to see lots more like this.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Social media scorecard

Here are some additional stats from Adult Add Strengths blog that highlight the gulf in Obama and McCains social media presence.

- Barack Obama had nearly 6,000 percent more pages on his main website than John McCain did on his (1,820,000 vs 30,700)
- There’s almost 3 times as many results for Barack Obama in Google images (24,200,000 vs. 8,620,000)
- Obama has 51% more hits in Google Video as there is for John McCain (136,000 vs. 89,800)
- Flickr, the photo sharing site, had nearly 5 times the search results for Obama than McCain. (50,000 photos on Obama’s flickr page and 7,000 contact)
- Facebook had 3,032% more hits for Obama than McCain, Obama’s Facebook page had nearly 4 times more followers and posts than McCain’s page
- Barack Obama’s added 400,000 new friends on Facebook in the last 2 weeks, a 20% surge.
- On Youtube, Barack Obama had nearly twice as many search results for his name as John McCain, and more than 5 times as many videos posted
- On MySpace, Obama had nearly 4 times the number of friends as McCain, and 269% more search results for his name
- On the microblogging site Twitter, McCain put out nearly twice the number of tweets as Obama, but Obama had 5213% more followers, and 1,129% more search results

Obama: the aftermath

So the US elections were very exciting weren't they?! Or do you think it was a done deal way before the vote?

There has been a huge amount of discussion on the US election and Obama's successful campaign. It is virtually impossible to miss, from donating Facebook profiles to support the cause, to Twitter updates, from blogs analysing the campaign to YouTube videos of the latest news commentary.

I'm going to add my tuppence worth to the conversation by saying this:

Social media was critical to campaign success as I previously discussed here and as highlighted in this ComputerWorld article.

Sarah Palin was key to McCain's failure highlighted by Matt Damon here and demonstrated in this interview with Katy Couric.

That's all I'm saying!