Thursday, August 7, 2008

Power to the people

I saw news this week that chocolate giant Cadbury is bringing back the 'Wispa' bar, BBC news reports about it here.

According to the BBC, Cadbury's has "…bowed to public pressure after a popular campaign on the Facebook and MySpace websites."It seems the British public has decided to pressure Cadbury's to bring back a product that has not been seen on shelves since about 2003 due to public disinterest.

But it seems that this was no spontaneous movement by the general public to genuinely bring back something that was forgotten. According to Will Sturgeon's blog, this is the work of Borkowski PR.

Needless to say the campaign has been shortlisted in the PR Week Awards - good luck to them.


Daniel said...

Interesting indeed - I always take these things with a pinch of salt. Nestle recently brought back blue Smarties and are actively publicising it too. Talking of Mark Borkowski,he's just released 'The Fame Formula', that's been getting mixed reviews here.

PR Advocate said...

Thanks Dan,

I just liked the story because I was a big fan of the Wispa and am glad to see it return.